The Adventures of ENOS THE SPACE MONKEY!


Little beknownst to the general public, veteran space monkey ENOS was actually  the pilot on the MARS PATHFINDER MISSION.  Due to concerns about animal rights activists reactions, NASA never released this information to the general public.  Actually a very highly trained SECRET AGENT, Enos' mission is vital to the survival of our species.  

Now, thanks to our agents in the field, at great risk to life and limb, we can bring you pictures from Mars, as our valiant hero conquers the RED PLANET for GOD AND COUNTRY!

Image 1

Our first offering is entitled "ENOS CRAHING THE MARS ROVER INTO YOGI THE ROCK"

Please note, the white area is actually an imaging artifact caused by a malfunction in sattelite communications!

Image 2

Our operative in the field, Bill Chancellor

At Great risk to life and oreos, brings us this, NOT AT ALL COMPUTER ENHANCED  photo of Our Hero raiding the rusting hulk of the old VIKING LANDER!

Stay tuned for further installments!