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This page came into existence on 9/25/96

last updated 05/30/2014

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Scuba Diving

Sci Fi

Zuda's Lynx Picks

Spock's Beard Neo Progressive Rock Streaming Progressive Rock 24/7

Bill Chancellor's Art Page  El Paso artist exraordinaire

Stuart the Maniac  Lots of Resources, Fun Links, Search Engines, and Scary Information

Ed Ivey Formerly of the Rhythm Pigs, San Francisco Punkers, Originally From El Paso,  Now involved with Polkacide , The Faraway Brothers and The Brass Monkey Brass Band .

Bubble Puppy Still Jamming since 1967! Check out "Hot Smoke and Sassafrass" You'll remember!

Skumbaag Albuquerque's Best Heavy Metal Vaudeville Band

Gentle Giant Home Page Enigmatic 70's Progressive Band

The Dark Aether Project I ran across this by accident


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